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Comprehensive Chinese Course (Spring and fall semester)

Spring and fall semester is the beginning of Chinese immersion program.

The Comprehensive Chinese course provides a comprehensive and systematic learning experience for students to improve their listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.

The Comprehensive Chinese Courses have five terms in total. Each term has more then 440 hours of class time. Students can choose the level that is suitable for them depending on their Chinese proficiency.


Chinese Proficiency

Vocabulary Mastered


Beginner’s level. Emphasis on the pronunciation training.

In the end students will be able to carry out

simple daily communication.



For the students who can already carry out simple

daily communication. In the end of the course, they will be able to

attend professional class, read professional materials

and carry our professional talk.



Daily communication with the native Chinese people



Middle or advanced oral Chinese.

They are able to carry out deeper communication



The native speaker’s level.




4 hours in the morning,2 hours in the afternoon(24 hours per week)

One term: 440~480 teaching hours

19-21 weeks

Main courses:

Comprehension Class ,Oral class,Listening class,

Reading,Newspaper and magazine,Composition


A: Comprehension Class (10h) Oral class (10h) Listening class (4h)

B: Comprehension Class (10h) Oral class(8h) Listening class(4h)

Reading (2h)

C: Comprehension Class (10h) Oral class(6h) Listening class(4h)


D: Comprehension Class (10h) Oral class(6h) Listening class(4h)


E: Comprehension Class (6h) Oral class(6h) Listening class(4h)

Composition(4h) Reading (4h)

Warming-up Course

2 weeks warming-up classes (10hours in a week)

HSK course

BCT course

HSK proficiency test: Integrative course(4h) Grammar(2h) Reading(2h),(8h per week)

HSK Grade test: Integrative,Grammar,Reading,Composition


Buy by oneself

Class design

Maximum 20 students in each class,


HSK remedial course & BCT course: We offer an HSK remedial course with experienced teachers. As long as students meet the teaching requirements and do certain revisions after class, we can guarantee that students starting with a beginner’s level can reach the HSK level 4 or 6 after 1 year study and level 6 or 7 level after one and a half year’s study.


Short-term Training

Summer and winter Chinese immersion program.

Includes Travel to near by cities in Zhengzhou area Study for Chinese language training for HSK.

Course is based on students setting up a centralized learning model, you can enjoy the travel and language exercises, and the benefits of HSK learning at the same time.

So that students in the short term comprehensively improve the level of Chinese language. They will have extensive experience in the short-term training courses that we set up.

The contents of the course: baisic、primary、intermediate+the courses of HSK


20 hours every week +6 hours every week of HSK or Speech training.

Traveling place: tourism activity of the School recommendation .

In Zhengzhou : Henan Province museum Shaolin Temple zoo and so on.

In Kaifeng: In Pure Brightness river garden Kaifeng government office Baogong ancestral hall Xiangguo Temple and Long Ting.

Luoyang : Longmen Grottoes Baima Temple Guan Lin









 Oral class

 Oral class

 Oral class

 Oral class

 Oral class


Comprehension Class

Comprehension Class

Comprehension Class

Comprehension Class

Comprehension Class


Speech training or study HSK


Speech training or study HSK

Speech training or study HSK



Flexible Mandarin Chinese Immersion courses

Flexible Program students are able to choose the start time and program duration that best fits their schedule. Flexible Language programs concentrate primarily on language courses, but can also include cultural activities, real-life language tasks, local trips and much more.


Business classes Chinese Language Programs

Business Chinese Language Programs are designed to provide students(who have a minimum of 6 months Chinese Language experience) with the necessary oral and written skills to conduct business in a Chinese language environment.

For students according to their schedule it needs at least two weeks, 20 hours per week over a specific time.

Provide for participation in BCT test examination skills, learning methods and other services; to help those in need of business knowledge in the creation of posts, so students quickly adapt to China's business environment.

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