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Spring and fall semester

Step 1 Warming-up Course

Language Center offers 2weeks for warming up class before start semester.

Step 2 The spring & fall semester (The spring and fall semester is the integration process.)

Small group classes (normal 5-10 people, up to 20)

We take student feedback and suggestions very seriously and frequently incorporates student suggestions to improve overall student experience for each Mandarin Chinese Immerson program, both inside and outside of the classroom.

Step 3 Grade design

we offer A、B、C、D、E five grade classes for students with different Chinese level.

What we study in class

Oral Class - Speaking Classes primarily focus on correct pronunciate and word usage. These classes are designed to improve speaking and listening skills so that students feel comfortable using new grammar and vocabulary in real-life situations. Although the focus is speaking, students will also practice their listening, reading, and writing skills. Textbooks are used as a guide, and teachers will often employ many other educational techniques to improve speaking and listening ability.

Comprehension Class - Comprehension classes focus on learning new grammar structures and vocabulary. Students use common text books and materials during each class session. Comprehension teachers work to ensure that each student has a strong understanding of how to use new grammar structures and vocabulary words. After a chapter is completed, each student should be able to fully implement the new skills into their language.

Listening class - Listen to the recording , to learn the correct Chinese pronunciation. Sometimes, watching China films or, learning China song, and that is more interested in studying helps.

Reading – At first start recognized easy Chinese characters, widely able to read China novel or a newspaper to learn step by step.



Chinese Proficiency

Vocabulary Mastered


 Beginner’s level. Emphasis on the pronunciation training.

In the end students will be able to carry out simple daily communication.


Comprehension class(10h) Oral class(10h) Listening class (4h)


For the students who can already carry out simple daily communication.

In the end of the course, they will be able to attend professional class, read professional materials and carry our professional talk.


Comprehension class(10h) Oral class(10h) Listening class (4h) Reading (2h)


Daily communication with the native Chinese people.


Comprehension class(10h) Oral class(8h) Listening class (4h) Reading (2 h)


Middle or advanced oral Chinese. They are able to carry out deeper communication with native Chinese people.


Comprehension class(8h) Oral class(8h) Listening class (4h) Reading (2h)


The native speaker’s level.


Comprehension class(8h) Oral class(6h) Listening class (4h) Reading (2h) Composition(4h)

Each semester classses and course hours will be slightly different.


Short-term Training

Step 1 Summer and winter Chinese immersion program

Recruitment of students object: mainly the university student and adult

The contents of the course

integration process 20 hours every week +

6 hours courses of HSK every week or 6 hours of Speech training


Traveling place: tourism activity of the School recommendation

In Zhengzhou : Henan Province museum Shaolin Temple zoo and so on.

In Kaifeng: In Pure Brightness river garden Kaifeng government office Baogong ancestral hall Xiangguo Temple and Long Ting

Luoyang : Longmen Grottoes Baima Temple Guan Lin

Yuntaishan ,Drift and Black dragon canyon

Anyang :Shang Dynasty ruins, Yue Fei temple, peach blossom valley scenic area

Sanmenxia :Yuxi Grand Canyon, Hanguguan, double Longwan scenic area


In dormitory

Dormitory bathroom and water heater

Each room installment has the air conditioning, the desk and so on

Television quilt telephone and so on

(Changes in temperature air conditioning)


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