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Chinese class characteristic:

1 The small number of people language study class (a class does not surpass 15 individuals)

2 Special foreign Chinese teacher teaching

3 the stage of the tour guide lives:in the process of study and live

(The school arranges specially one-to-one life tour guide for the foreign students adapt China's life as soon as possible.)

4. Learning Assessment : On a regular basis with their classes, and the relationship with teachers to evaluate.

5 Meeting with Chinese friends : Typically 2-3 times a semester school holds on meeting with Chinese friends. Not only that the beginning of each semester introduce an assistance Chinese friend for China’s life.


We offer Professional Student Services

1. Pick-up service

    If you come to school at the first time, we pick-up to you at Zhengzhou Airport, Zhengzhou     station, etc.

2. Language Partner Services

    We introduce to student 1 to 1 life tour guide and 1 to 1 Learning Support Assistant.

3. Introduce Chinese friends

    We offer meeting with Chinese friends 2-3 times per semester. Regularly to meet Chinese friends     and you can practice speaking Chinese.

4. Class support services

    If you do not understand what learned in regular lessons at the time, internship teacher will     support after class.

5. Test Preparation Services

    We help to prepare Hsk & BCT test.

    (if it is necessary, we open learning course of Hsk & Bct)

6. Field trips

    One semester we offer 1 or 2 times field trips to Henan Museum, People's Park, and other places     around the school.

7. Travel Services

    Every semester, go to picnic to Kaifeng or Luoyang. Through a travel students see, hear, learn to     what Chinese cultures & historical facts.

8. Language Practices

    How to take bus, subway, taxi, use the bank, order Chinese food, receive medical services and so     on, in China’s life time you necessary to speak Chinese. We offer another experience practical     fields through a training you can speak real Chinese language.

9. Circle activities (cultural activities)

    If you want to special leisure activities you can join all school circles. You can choice Chinese     cultural activities such as Chinese mahjong games, Taiji, Shaolin Kongfu, calligraphy,…. , or     looks like hobby such as watching movies, play guitar, rock group, …., or sports circles. Through     club activities go on with Chinese friends, learn to the Chinese culture, and it make you a rich     cultural life.

10. Certificate issued

    After a regular course certificate is awarded.

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