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Introduction of HAU

Henan Agricultural University was founded in 1912, and is

China’s National University.

University has 9 sectors including agriculture, business, law,

management, … education, and also has 20 colleges with

54 majors, and 28 laboratories.

School population numbers over then 23,000 and there are

more than 1,700 staff.

The school area is approximately 144000㎡. It has more than

100 years of history, enjoys a good reputation in China's

Institutes of higher education. HAU has established

intercollegiate ties with universities in the United States

of America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Thailand,

The Netherlands and other countries. The university has carried

out research work enterprises with more than 70 universities,

research institutes and from over 40 countries.

Our campus is located in the heart of Zhengzhou City. Major international studies that enhance the school’s reputation, including personnel training 2.3 advanced language training, and personnel training in basic principles, are offered through various training programs to enhance learning,and to increase students' physical and mental training.

Introduction to the Language Center

The school started to receive foreign students in 1987 ,mainly undergraduate students, graduate students and postgraduate candidates。After graduation, you may obtain the national to acknowledge bachelor, master, or doctor degrees. Many years of teaching experience we have developed a rich varied teaching environment.

That will ensure the success students.

Along with the quantity of the foreign students in our school increases unceasingly,In order to enable the foreign student better adaptation university's study life, and can enter the special course as soon as possible,International Education College of Henan Agricultural University has set up Chinese training program in 2004, We have created a good environment and a pportunity to study Chinese and understands the Chinese culture for the foreign students.

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