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1. Application

Fax the following documents to your nearest University Office or send the scanned files to ppk1024@naver.com by the Application deadline.


University Application form


Certificate or Diploma of previous education


Copy of your passport (personal details and photo page)


Copy of Application Fee payment (bank receipt or check)

2. Enrollment

Complete the Enrollment Form and pay the Course Fees (see Payment below) before the enrollment deadline. Please read Language center's course information and Terms and Conditions before enrollment.


3. Visa

When you have Enrolled in the program, visa documents (a Letter of Invitation and Confirmation Form) will be sent to you. Please contact your nearest Chinese Embassy or Consulate for the Visa Application Form and processing fee.


Bring the following documents to the Embassy or Consulate:


Visa Application Form (completed)


Your valid passport (it must be valid for a minimum of 6 months and for the duration of the program)


A copy of the Letter of Invitation (provided by GCE )


A copy of the Confirmation Form (provided by GCE)


Relevant visa application fee


 2 Passport size photos

Applicants should apply for an F Visa. In most cases visas will be issued for 1, 3 or 6 months regardless of the study duration. If the study duration is not covered by the initial visa approval, the host institution and school will assist students in extending their visa, however all fees will be covered by the student.

Early Enrollment is strongly advised to take into account the time needed for visa documents to be sent by Admissions and visa processing time by the Embassy or Consulate.


4. Arrival

Send a fax or email to advise your Programs Advisor teacher or the School

Office of your flight details: date, time of arrival, airline, flight number, and place of departure, so that we can arrange your airport reception. Please forward this information no later than 10 days before your arrival.


5. Payment (of Application and Enrollment Fees)

Payments of the Application Fee & post fee (US $90, non-refundable) may be paid in one of three ways, by Bank Transfer, Bank or Cashier's Check, or by Money Order. Please save your bank receipt and fax or send it along with your other documents as proof of payment.



For questions regarding your application or enrollment please contact your Program Advisor teacher.


Alternatively, you can email: ppk1024@naver.com or contact the Admissions

Section in China directly on 00-86(371)63555157.


For general questions regarding the programs, you can email ppk1024@naver.com.

  제  목 : Full scholarships for international students for PH-D
  글쓴이 : 관리자     등록일 : 10-06-25 10:26     조회 : 668    
  트랙백 주소 : http://henank.maru.net/e-web/bbs/tb.php/e_14/4
[ Henan Agricultural University, Dr. applying for the following professional to provide full scholarships for international students

animal genetics and breeding
grassland science
animal nutrition

Tuition fees, accommodation, living expenses free ]

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